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Welcome To Sambhu Mitra Sir's Institution

Welcome to My Engineering Physics and Mathematics Entrance Learning Institution

My institution is over 15 years old and i teach here with a motto of letting my fellow engineering entrance aspirants to take the advantage of the proven mastery over physics and mathematics concepts and gain the ultimate knowledge and confidence to successfully clearing out the engineering entrance examinations. Here in my institution education come in an exact formatted procedures making physics understanding absolute. We work together to help communicate our ideas and share knowledge and learn with the richness of our experiences.

In my institute we teach, discuss, share knowledge and learn to battle it out with the best of brains; and get prepared to win. I attained this trust with the track record which have been built over a decade of adherence to excellence and unswerving dedication to the needs of the student. This decade of excellence comes with all of my successful students who are not top notch engineers in international business houses.