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Our Student of the Year :

It is more than a decade that Shambhu Mitra Institution has been working in the education sector. The institute is moving at par with the modern techniques and enables the students to take tests online to get an exposure to the modern world. It not only works to impart knowledge but also strives to build up the fragmented confidence of the students. The institute’s eminent teacher, Mr. Shambhu Mitra, works hard to get his students properly trained such that they can face the professional world with the practical knowledge.


Mr. Mitra mainly equips students to crack the competitive tests conducted by the authorised agencies who select candidates for the engineering and the medical studies. The successful students trained by him till now are well placed and are working efficiently in the respective fields. The institute is of science and focus on Physics and Mathematics. Mr. Mitra is very dedicated towards the imparting of training to the students and should feel proud as his duty is to build up the life and career of the youths who are the pillars of the country. Therefore, he is also contributing to the noble cause of nation building.